Welcome to "Laurence Sisters", the first Fansite for three actress sisters Oona, Aimee and Jete Laurence. You may recognize Oona from her roles in "Southpaw" or "Bad Moms". Aimee is known for her role in "The Path". And Jete is known for Ellie in "Pet Sematary". Here you'll find the latest news, updates and images! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
10 May 2020
Antonia / Comments Off on “Welcome Back” / Aimee Jete Oona Photoshoot Update
Welcome back to the “The Laurence Sisters“.
We had a major Makeover! Thanks to Yukiko-Design for this great upgrade. We hope to bring you all latest news, updates and pictures. Also check out our Gallery with over 2,800 Images! Also our updated Media Page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Check out these three new headshots from Oona, Aimee and Jete. Shot by Charlie Roina.

5 May 2020
Antonia / Comments Off on Pet Sematary & New Screencaps! / Aimee Jete Movie

Check out some new Screencaps. There are tons of new Screencaps from Aimee in "The Patch" and from "Chicago P.D." Click here or down below. 

There is a new Trailer of Jete`s new Movie called "Pet Sematary". Jete plays Ellie Creed. It is from the original book by Stephen King. So be sure to check out the official trailer down below. "Pet Sematary" is coming out April 2019. Stay tuned for more photos and updates! 

5 May 2020
Antonia / Comment / Aimee Jete
Welcome back to "Starlight Oona Laurence"! Today we got some late news for Jete and Aimee Laurence. Jete had a new Movie that came out March 2018 called "The Ranger" she plays Young Chelsea. And Aimee has a new Movie coming up October 2019 called "The Goldfinch" she plays Young Pippa. If we get more Infos on upcoming movies or infos about the girls we will let you know! 

5 May 2020
Antonia / Comments Off on A Bad Moms Christmas, Headshots & Premieres! / Aimee Jete Oona Photoshoot

Finally! A Bad Moms Christmas is out since November 1st, 2017. View some Photos from Oona attending the Los Angeles Premiere of Bad Moms last week. Oona plays Jane the Daughter of Amy (Mila Kunis). There are some great Actress in the Movie including Kristen Bell, Katheryn Hahn and Ariana Greenblatt. We also added one Promotion Picture from Bad Moms, go check it out.

And we finally have a new header. Super exciting. We also added some new Headshots from Oona, Aimee and Jete. Be sure to check them out.

5 May 2020
Antonia / Comments Off on Imaginapped, Lyrics for Life and more! / Aimee Jete Movie Oona Update

Check out a couple new Photos. We added some new Movie Stills, Official Movie Poster and a BTS's from Oona's Short Movie called "Imaginapped". They some Event Images from Oona attending the Launch Party for Unscripted and Oona and her Sisters entered the Lyrics for Life hosted by Mackenzie Ziegler and Casey Simpson. Just head over to our Gallery!!

5 May 2020
Antonia / Comments Off on New Headshots & about Oona’s Sisters / Aimee Jete Oona Photoshoot Update

Hey! Today we got some exciting things. First we added some brand new HQ Headshots, shot by Laura Lu.Thanks to Emily for sending them to us.

From now on we present any news from Oonas Sisters Aimee and Jete Laurence! Check our Gallery for the new “Oonas Sister” section! We added a cupple of Photos. Let’s see what the future brings you!